How to be More Productive

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Chances are good that you have looked at your to-do list and gotten completely overwhelmed. It’s much easier to sit on the sofa and watch TV than be productive, and at work there are many time wasters that people enjoy rather than doing their job. If you find that you have trouble staying focused and being productive then it’s time to do something about it. Read on for some tips on how to be more productive.

Slash Your To-Do List
This may seem counter-intuitive, but picking the top five things off of your daily to-do list and knocking them out of the park is the best way to make your day more productive. If your list is filled with lots of little items it can be very overwhelming, so pick the most important ones, do them, and then move on.

Stop Checking Email
This affects people who work in an office as well as those who work from home. They hear the “ding” of new email and immediately stop what they’re doing to see who it is from. This is one of the fastest ways to get off track and lose your momentum. Turn off the noise on your email and texts and allow yourself to check them only a few times a day. This will keep you focused and on task without being interrupted.

Take Breaks
If you’re trying to be productive and have a lot of things to do it may feel like the best way to get through your day is to work nonstop. This has disastrous consequences for your productivity. We have to take breaks to be able to stay focused, so schedule them in, just make sure that they don’t take up the majority of your day. After your break you’ll feel rested and more willing to work.

Knock it Out
Pick the least desirable item on your to-do list and do it first thing in the morning. It may be a sales call, finishing a report, or even just folding five loads of laundry. Whatever it is, as soon as you have finished it you will feel much better. It’s a mental relief to have the most dreaded task already completed early in the morning.

Being productive takes work and a few life hacks. It’s not something that most people are naturally, but by implementing some of these tips you will find that you can get a lot more done in the day and are happier doing it.

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