Centek Have Designed A Groundbreaking New Check Valve

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new generation of check valves

It is a very exciting time for those in the marine industry. A groundbreaking new check valve has been developed to help stop water from backflowing into either an engine or a generator set. The valve has been designed and manufactured by an organisation called Centek. Many may not have heard of Centek before, but for those that have I’m sure you’ll agree with us when we say that Centek are both reliable and incredibly innovative.

Centek have been designing marine exhaust systems for over eighty years and always release highly innovative products.

This new check valve will no doubt spur innovation (and jealousy) in other check valve manufacturers, as this new design is likely to be welcomed with open arms from many applications in the marine industry.

The main benefit of this new valve over any other check valves is its ability to stop water from getting back into the generator set or engine. This has often cause huge problems for many applications and can be expensive to repair.

Bill Arwood, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Centek explained why this is a much needed valve in the marine industry. He explained how yachts and boats in particular will benefit. He also made a point to mention those marine applications that move through a following sea or have to occasionally back down whilst fighting fish.

centec catalogueFor those interested in purchasing from Centek’s impressive catalogue, you can be sure you are gaining a high quality product as Centek ensure all of their products are both Lloyds Register Type Approved and ABS certified. Not many other check valve manufacturers out there insure their products are so highly regulated. So when choosing to work with Centek you should have complete faith, there should be no fear that you are purchasing from an untrustworthy brand.

The Centek check valve is currently available in a range of sizes and can work with both diesel or gas engines. This means that the new check valve can work in some of the smallest and largest marine applications currently seen in the world today.

Another added benefit of working with Centek over other check valve manufacturers is the fact that all of their products are produced using an incredibly high quality and more importantly heat resistant and flame retardant resin. This means you are getting a ultra hardwearing, durable and safe product.

As mentioned previously Centek have more than eighty years experience in the industry. They have designed and produced over fifteen thousand exhaust systems for a range of marine applications. From luxury yachts to military vessels, they work with a real diverse range of water vessels. Now that they have introduced this new check valve we look forward to finding out what they will offer to the market next.

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Tips for Aspiring Engineers From The Experienced Engineers

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Tips for Aspiring Engineers From The Experienced Engineers

Given that so many young people seem to be interested in an engineering-related career, we wanted to compile some tips that would help to send these young engineers in the right direction.

First, it is a great idea if you can identify specific people and projects and products that have been an inspiration for you. If you have always loved Apple products, the late Steve Jobs may have been your mentor. Or perhaps you are inspired by the Segway and its inventor, Dean Kamen. If the person and products are known at all, it is easy to get a lot of information about how those people and products became great successes. Then, be sure to emulate their positive traits in everything that you do – personally, scholastically and professionally.

Next, we highly recommend that you assemble a good project portfolio. You should try to take part in any hands-on learning experience that you can. This means that you will have unique projects to show any potential employer when you get out of school. Many of the students you compete against will merely be able to list the classes they took, while you will have specific, concrete projects completed. More importantly, you will be more likely to keep the knowledge you learned because you have used the knowledge to engineer something tangible.

University of Colorado at Boulder Prof. Scot Douglass, teaches a class in Andrews Residence Hall, where he also lives full-time with his wife, Kathleen, and two small daughters.   The residence hall houses students enrolled in the Honors Engineering Resident Academic Program that is offered at CU-Boulder.  (Photo by Glenn Asakawa/University of Colorado)

It also is very important to network as much as you can. If you ever want to be a leader in your engineering field, it is very important to know people, not just have a lot of engineering knowledge. You should try to go to engineering and science lectures at your university and get to know the speakers. You also can check with the alumni group at your school and get a list of graduates who want to network with current students. You also can network with Linkedin.com. But you should always try to meet people in person when you can.

We also advise that you work in a scientific or engineering team as much as you can. When you are in your career, you are going to be working on projects with other people most of the time. The people skills that you develop working on engineering and scientific projects in college will help you later on.

Further, you should try to attain a leadership role in any project you work on. Actually, you do not have to be a team leader to be a leader. You can really do some forms of leadership from any part of the group. You will be able to influence how people are working with each other and affect the decision making process. The leader of an engineering company does not always have to be the actual manager of the project or the president of the company.


Last, an engineer can be very proficient in all of the scientific aspects of the job, but if he or she does not have any business sense, he or she will not be as valuable to the firm. So you should try to take business classes so you understand about profits and losses, contract negotiation and so on.

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